Attention is given to the smallest details


Angella’s ethos of attentive and personalised service ensures unique and carefully considered designs tailor-made to each individual’s needs. Angella does not promote a house style but rather slavishly seeks to create interiors based on the individuality of each person and situation. Careful consideration is taken to design environments that satisfy various aspects of one’s personality and lifestyle, which is fundamental in creating interiors that are not only practical and comfortable but are also a reflection of each individual.

Angella’s success in creating such interiors is not only achieved through the selection and creation of beautiful handcrafted furniture and joinery, the extensive research of materials and surface treatments, but also in the careful consideration given to the architecture and layout of spaces such that your home harmoniously caters to your lifestyle. Equally important is how Angella works with her clients and the team involved in delivering the project. Angella’s uncompromising personalised focus means that she delivers exceptional levels of customer service and always works collaboratively with other professionals advocating in the best interest of the project and the client.

Interior Design

With creativity and careful consideration of details such as the architecture, location and the client’s style and vision, Angella designs and delivers sophisticated interiors. For a single room or a complete home she always delivers designs that are not only a reflection of your personality but are also striking and effective.

Interior Architecture and Spacial Planning

Exploring the full potential of a home and in delivering an optimal solution Angella will respectfully challenge the architecture and layout of a house to ensure it meets the lifestyle demands of it’s owners . Attention is given to the smallest details such as light, views and movement through the space. Angella designs comprehensively to respect the architectural style while ensuring the space enhances lifestyle, purpose and aesthetic form.

Bespoke Furniture and Joinery Design

Working with highly skilled craftsmen and artisans Angella creates unique custom items of furniture and joinery that are considered and tailor-made to optimise the impact of your scheme. Researching each item with precise detailing this ensures the materials, scale, finishes and functionality harmoniously unify to create stunning and refined pieces that will enhance the value and impact of your home while importantly providing the functionality desired to enhance your lifestyle.

Interior Styling & Decoration

With creative expertise Angella will curate elegant and diverse interior schemes for any room in your home. With flare and the right touch building the various layers, textures and form with furniture, window dressings, lighting, fabrics and accessories to enhance the aesthetic of your home.

Consulting & Renovation Rescue

Angella’s professional knowledge and experience is also available on a consultancy basis where Angella can assist you with ideas and advice at various stages along your project lifecycle. This can include but is not limited to suggestions on how to rejuvenate a room, advising on the first steps of a large home renovation project, spacial planning or assist with a renovation rescue where detailed designs were not fully fleshed out and have presented issues during the construction works phase.